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HIAB XS 166 Picker Truck

  • Ultra smooth, fully proportional control with HIAB V80 valve.
  • High performance and built-in safety with the SPACE 4000 electronic system
  • Reduced friction and noise as slewing mechanism runs in oil bath
  • Easy to use, proven and reliable HIAB XS Drive radio remote controls
  • Everything is focused on giving you the ideal crane and a quick return on your initial investment

The HIAB XS 166 picker truck is specifically designed for hauling and can be enhanced with additional intelligent functionalities. HIAB's XS series includes impressive crane models like the Pro, HiPro, CL and Duo with each offering a different set of functionalities. Using cutting edge technology for smooth operation and precision, the HIAB XS picker truck offers flexible operational choices with a control platform as well as cross controls, advanced radio controls and top seat control options.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 5,900 kg @ 2.7 m / 880 kg @ 14.9 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 15.1 m