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HIAB XS 211 Picker Truck

  • Outstanding all-round performer with power, high capacity and extra reach
  • Safer and more efficient operation even on inclines or slopes with heavy-duty, high-torque slewing mechanism
  • Lift heavier loads close to the column with the inner boom link , and lift higher with the the outer boom link
  • The HIAB designed hexagonal boom profile minimizes boom deflection, which reduces maintenance costs and increases efficiency
  • Improved safety and productivity with HIAB SPACE electronics systems.

The HIAB XS 211 picker truck is the answer to heavy duty hauling in tough environments. This multipurpose crane does not require additional stabilizers while installing on a two-axle truck, making it one of the biggest of its kind. The HIAB XS 211 is optimized with inner as well as outer boom cylinders to boost productivity and increase load cycles. With an impressive hydraulic outreach of 16.6 metres, the HIAB XS 211 uses some of the best features of the XS series.

With enhanced features for boosting productivity, the HIAB XS 211 is designed to work efficiently even in the toughest environments. With long lasting and reliable performance, this crane also offers two boom systems that are optional for users. The HIAB XS 211 is equipped with the X-feature also used in HIAB's XS 244 truck cranes and as many as eight hydraulic extensions for extra smooth operation.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 6,700 kg @ 2.6 m / 320 kg @ 20.9 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 16.6 m