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HIAB XS 377 Picker Truck

  • The optimum solution in its class, combining reach, lifting capability and low weigh
  • Be more productive with a long 20.9m of reach with 8 hydraulic extensions
  • Add a jib and the HIAB XS 377 allows operators to handle loads weighing 450kg up to 26 meters out
  • Maximum precision and durability with robust rack and pinion slewing system, run in an oil bath
  • Improved maintenance with large slide pads on the boom system, and JIC couplings.

The HIAB XS 377 picker truck completes offers superior performance in the 20 to 40 tonne per metre lineup. One of the most powerful attachments for 3-axle trucks, the HIAB XS 377 has the longest outreach in its class.

The XS 377 offers the ideal combination of lifting capacity, reach, as well as low tare weight. Easily handling weights of 450 kg over 26 metres, the HIAB XS 377 comes with an optional jib. Offering top of the line characteristics even at full capacity, the HIAB XS 377 is built for optimum productivity.

Constructed with robust and sturdy materials like other models in the XS series, the XS 377 is built to last long even in high stress environments. The rack and pinion slewing system is sturdy and built with an oil bath for reduced friction, maximum durability and precision. To decrease wear and keep repair service to a minimum, the HIAB XS 377 is built with large side pads and JIC couplings.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 10,000 kg @ 3.1 m / 998 kg @ 20.8 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 20.9 m