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HIAB XS 435K Picker Truck

  • Designed for building supply deliveries, the HIAB XS 435K has a lifting capacity of 280,200 ft–lbs and a vertical reach of 92’ (28 m).
  • Deliver product up nine stories from ground level with smooth, precise control whether manoeuvering through windows, balconies or on to rooftops.
  • Complete overload protection, improved stability and speed control with HIAB's SPACE 5000 system
  • Highly efficient operation with the industry standard HiPro controls, V91 Valve and remote control CombiDrive

The HIAB XS 435 K is designed to facilitate the smooth and safe delivery of building supplies at construction sites. The truck-mounted crane combines high power with precise controls and excellent reach.

Lifting capacity: With a 280,200 ft-lbs lifting capacity, the XS 435 K is an efficient workhorse that helps ensure that delivery work goes on swiftly. Four telescoping outer booms and double telescoping inner booms extensions allow the crane to pick up and transfer very heavy loads even in the most challenging conditions.

Reach: The XS 435 K has a vertical reach of up to 28 metres. It can easily deliver supplies from the ground level to the ninth storey of a building. Offering good stability at heights are 7 metre wide stabilizers that come standard with the crane, in addition to a set of rear stabilizers. Side supports on each boom extension also aid precision and stability for longer outreaches. The drywall pallet fork is also part of the standard equipment list. It allows stacked drywall and palletized materials to be moved safely and easily.

Controls: HIAB cranes are known for their precise controls that makes operations safe, precise and easy. The XS 435 K comes with smooth controls that enable the operator to deliver materials through balconies and windows, or to rooftops effortlessly. Besides Valve 91, remote control CombiDrive and Hi Pro controls, the HIAB SPACE 5000 system offers enhanced stability, total overload protection and good speed control. These patented HIAB technologies enable easy ergonomics, agility and precise delivery.

Maintenance: The XS 435K comes with well-insulated and internally mounted extensions. Its hose tracks are cushioned against road vibrations and designed to resist damage from trees and tie-down straps.

A variable pump is offered as standard equipment on the XS 435 K. The pump provides it with the exact oil flow required, which means that the oil pumped in the system is reduced. It also translates into cost savings, lower CO2 emissions and less wear.

Technical Specification

Lifting Capacity: 2,380 kg @ 11.4m / 1,020 kg @ 21.0 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 24.2 m

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