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HIAB XS 622 Picker Truck

  • Longer outreach, higher precision and smoother operation than any other crane in the 58 tm capacity class
  • Optimized for heavy vertical lifts, like boats and containers and is ideal for heavy installation work
  • Effortless lifting of heavy loads straight up to high places with HIAB’s HiPro control system and E–link
  • Ultimate flexibility by adding a jib that can be angled 25 degrees upwards for roofing and Installations work
  • Reduce fuel consumption and extend the life of your crane with the XS 622's installed variable pump

The HIAB XS 622 truck mounted crane is specifically designed for heavy lifting. It is equipped with cutting edge features like HiPro control system, advanced boom system, improved couplings and seals, new cylinders and variable pump. And it’s the leading crane in its class in terms of operation smoothness, outreach and precision.

The HIAB XS 622 crane is specifically designed for heavy vertical lifts. It is perfect for handling loads like containers, mobile offices and boats. It can also be used for heavy installation work. The E-link and HiPro control system are a standard part of the XS 622. These features enable the operator to lift heavy loads directly to high places. And the boom system provides extra side support and improves stability.

The XS 622 boasts lower leakage risk and longer service life thanks to new seals, new E02 couplings and optimized piping diameters, which ensure that the crane remains cool. Fuel consumption is dramatically lowered by the variable pump. It also lengthens the lifespan of the hydraulic system by keeping it cooler by a minimum of twenty degrees celsius. Although it’s loaded with a wide range of features, the crane is also light for its size and can be transported easily.

For areas that are not accessible by the 58 tonne per metre capacity crane, mounting a HIBA Jib 150 X on it will bring it within reach. The flexible jib allows 25 degree upward angling for installation and roofing work. The XS 622 offers a maximum hydraulic outreach of 22.7 metres or 32.5 metres (Jib) and a lifting capacity of 10,100 kg at 5.1 metres or 1,580 kg at 22.2 metres. Some of the key benefits of the XS 622 include:

The variable pump on the crane means dramatic reductions in fuel consumption. The variable pump also keeps the hydraulic system at least 20°C cooler, extending the life of the crane’s hydraulic system. Even with all of these features, the XS 622 has a low weight for its size, making transportation easier.

  • Long reach (horizontal outreach of up to 32 metres)
  • Smoother operation and unparalleled precision
  • Minimal wear and leakage
  • High fuel economy

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 10,100 kg @ 5.1m / 1,580 kg @ 22.2m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 22.7m / 32.5m (jib)

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