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Multilift Hooklift XR26

Multilift Hooklift XR26
  • Save Time using a reliable Multilift hooklift for job site collection and deliveries.
  • Be More Productive and Reduce Costs by handling more product with fewer trucks.
  • Purchase with Confidence as Multilift has the highest re-sale value in the market.
  • Total Coverage with the strongest truck mounted hooklift sales & service network in Canada.

The XR Power Range of Multilift hook-lifts truly represents a new higher level of efficiency, and ultimately profit for your company. Ease of operation, strength and speed when you need it, all translate into an invaluable asset for your company. The versatility and reliability of Multilift continue to deliver in your day to day business.

New Features

  • PLC operated electronic controls (reliable and ergonomic).
  • Extensive range of models for almost any body size range.
  • Low installation weight with high capacity.

Technical Specifications

Vehicle Type: Tri-Axle, Tandem-Tandem or Tri-Drive
Max Load: 50,000 lb

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