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Crane Training Courses Available

Picker Truck Familiarization Course

$300.00 + tax per student for group bookings of five students or more.

$400.00 + tax per student for Saturday classes, minimum five students to book.

$500.00 + tax per student for Sunday and Holiday classes, minimum five students.

Course Content

  1. Standard Crane Components and Personal Safety Equipment
  2. Geometry and Load Handling, Understanding Load Charts and Diagrams
  3. Pre–Operational Checks
  4. Cold and Warm Weather Operation and Knowing Your Environment. Surface Stability, Overhead Power Lines, Underground Pipelines, etc.
  5. Crane Unfolding and Folding Procedures
  6. Operating Your Crane/Knowing Your Load/Crane Attachments (Pallet Forks, Auger, Rotator, Man Basket, Manual Extensions, Buckets, and Clams
  7. High Pressure Hydraulic Components/Dangers of High Pressure Hydraulics/First Aid for High Pressure Injections
  8. Crane Safety Systems, Hydraulic and Electronic
  9. Introduction to Remote Control Operation (Level I)
  10. Maintenance and Inspection
  11. Basic Rigging
  12. Understanding the Meter/Tonne Rating of Knuckle Boom Cranes and How the Alberta 5 and 8 Ton Rating Works (Legal Requirements for Operating Your Crane in your Province or State)


Each participant will receive a detailed course workbook and specialized resources relating to the equipment. The course also includes practical training and operation of the equipment.

Course Outcome

Each participant will complete a written examination at the completion of the course. Following a pass grade of 80%, the participant will be provided with a familiarization certificate and wallet card.


Eight hours depending on student skill levels.


Locations will vary according to client’s needs, available at our site or yours. Available weekdays, Saturday or Sunday depending on your needs.

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