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HIAB Picker Truck

HIAB knuckleboom cranes are the number one choice for materials handling among Alberta companies . Whether you work in construction, oil, gas, and hydro, waste removal or any other business that requires efficient loading and unloading of supplies, HIAB picker trucks are the solution you need.

HIAB cranes are recognized the world over for their versatility, durability, excellent design, safety features, and value.

Lifting capacities range from 0.8 to 80 tm, and outreach from 2.8 m to 25 m. Such large payload capacity and long outreach means more flexibility–from one static location, HIAB cranes can be easily manoeuvred around objects all over the job site. Less movement of the truck also means greater efficiency in loading and unloading.

Since they were first developed in 1947, HIAB truck cranes have earned a reputation for long life and dependability. As the first hydraulic crane ever built, HIAB cranes are also known for innovation in hydraulic design. Each model offers smooth handling and tremendous precision for placing loads. The hydraulic extensions available in HIAB truck cranes offer exceptional versatility and ease of use.

Operator comfort and safety are key components of every crane design. Ergonomics factor into all crane controls. Every crane is thoroughly tested in state–of–the–art testing facilities, and all HIAB cranes conform to ISO 9001, EN 12999, and the new construction standard EN 13001.

Some sixty models of HIAB crane are available, from light and medium ranges for smaller loads to heavy–duty cranes with high payload capacity, and the specialized K–range.

With the increase in efficiency and ease of use they offer, HIAB knuckleboom cranes provide exceptional value and are essential equipment for any company working in the materials handling industry.