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Creating a Safe Work Site in a High Voltage Power Line Environment with the HiVolt Alert™

Maximizing the safety of workers that are operating equipment in close proximity to high voltage power lines is vital. Statistics show that the majority of fatalities created by electrocutions on work sites are as a result of the equipment coming into contact with these types of power lines.

It is for this reason that Atlas Polar developed the HiVolt Alert™ warning system. It is specifically designed to eliminate the danger of electrocution that these lines present, not only for the operators themselves, but for those working on the ground and any pedestrians within the area.

The sensors of the HiVolt Alert™, which are wireless, can be placed either directly on the truck extensions themselves, such as masts or boom arms, or on any part of the equipment itself. When the equipment gets too close to the high voltage wires, the system will give an alert to which the operator can immediately respond.

About the HiVolt Alert™ System

HiVolt Alert™ is a simple to use non-electrical sensor safety system, which will ensure a safe environment for the work site. It’s comprised of the same high caliber components and craftsmanship our clients have come to expect from us here at Atlas Polar. It consists of a Display Hub that creates a visual and audio presentation to warn the operator. The visual display screen is large and easy to read with its setting display and operational values. Some additional options are being able use extra sensors (a maximum of six) and a dump valve kit is available as well. The alert consists of a “Far Work Zone” as a caution, with a second sensor indicating a “Near Work Zone” alert.

The operator has control over the menu in the Display Hub where he can set the work zone detections to near, far, or auto zone. Alarm point adjustments can be made based on the various strengths of the electrical fields. An extra feature is the ability to be able to check the voltage of the battery on the sensor. Through a hydraulic control that’s easy to operate with a “Push Button”, the operator has four seconds to manually move out of the danger zone.

The high quality sensors that come with the HiVolt Alert™ possess batteries that have high capacity recharging features. Charge requirements are extended thanks to the solar cells, which are used to supplement the batteries. To reduce battery consumption when the sensors are not in use for a period of time, the system has a handy power switch that can be used to turn the sensors off.

As with any equipment provided by Atlas Power, this system is built for ease of use. There are no programming requirements for individual job sites. Once the HiVolt Alert™ has been installed, it’s ready for any work area. With the safety strap mount, a retaining bracket and the magnetic base that this system is comprised of, it means no tools are needed for attaching and removing of the system from the vehicles or extensions it is being used on.

The HiVolt Alert™ can be used to provide safety protection for various vehicle operators, ranging from those responsible for ladder trucks to dump trucks. It’s a “must have” safety system for industries that work in close proximity to high voltage power lines.

Download HiVolt Alert™ Proximity Alarm System Brochures