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Multilift Hooklift

With the Multilift hooklift, a single truck can perform a wide range of materials handling tasks.

The Multilift hooklift is a demountable body system that allows each of your trucks to carry different body types with different cargo. Construction companies, landscapers, utilities, waste removal companies, and general haulage firms are just some of the businesses that use Multilift hooklifts. They are also used in military applications.

Ease of use and versatility are the key benefits of the Multilift hooklift. From within the cab, a single operator can easily load and unload containers. Multilift’s innovative hydraulic systems promise precision and proportional tipping and winch operations. With demounting and tipping taking no more than 50 seconds, turnaround time is fast. Because the hooklift can carry a wide variety of body types, it is suited to many different kinds of jobs. Its low weight/high strength ratio maximizes payload so you can work more efficiently.

Safety is another key feature of the hooklift, with multiple locking systems in place to ensure the security of the load and the operator.

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