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Moffett NEW: Carriers Wreckers + Quickswap for Recovery + Towing

A whole new range of versatile products for recovery, towing + profitability­

Introducing NRC Carriers, Wreckers and Quickswap – a whole new line of hauling and towing equipment. Canadian-made for 55 years and now available from ARW in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Eastern BC. We’re all about innovation and making your truck-mounted materials handling business easier, more productive and more profitable. NRC towing and recovery equipment lines hit all those marks. There’s nothing like them.


  • Save on fuel, insurance + corrosion-free maintenance + galvanized dip options
  • Quick, easy service gets you on the road faster
  • Local, highest quality Canadian parts + service
  • Productivity – Versatile light-duty recovery deck makes it easy to pull equipment from a ditch
  • Tow on or behind deck with wheel lifts – even on 40,000 lb. series


  • Carry more without extra weight for better recovery access
  • Heavier tow capacity with smaller wreckers with composite sliding boom
  • Powerful, precise recovery with no limitations +
  • More reach, more capacity with 4 under-reach options


  • Detaches in seconds – use one truck to recover + load
  • Heavy-duty towing capacity without extra weight
  • Stress-free at the scales
  • Powerful, precise recovery with no limitations +
  • More payload, better braking, better stability

Recovery solutions – efficient in every sense of the word

NRC CARRIERS deliver unbelievable versatility and capability to move equipment, concrete structures, cars and truck and lead the industry when it comes to capability, scalability and legitimate power. They range in capacity from 10,000 to 40,000 lb., with bed lengths spanning 18 to 30 feet and standard winches up to 25,000 lbs. Light-duty recovery features and tow bars with a lift rating of 5,000 to 20,000 lbs., and tow ratings of 9,000 to 50,000 lbs. are just part of a standard equipment list that reads like a dream. Plus, they have a long list of options available for customization.

NRC’s full line of WRECKERS is right there too, empowering you to reach profitable new markets. The five CS models range from 20,000-50,000 ton capacity with a range of power, reach, agility and versatility to turn your wrecker into an unbeatable towing machine. The new CSR50 gives you more storage space, additional rear compartment and an access door for stabilizer pads, while the CSR65’s sliding rotator develops power and versatility for the most difficult situations

Towing and beyond

QUICKSWAP tows more, weighs less and will tow most anything from pickups to tractor-trailers. It’s the toughest, most versatile detachable units on the market: one truck can push past your limits in high season and adapt in slower periods. Detach in seconds for hauling or towing, or add a winch and use it as a recovery unit. Plus, it saves on fuel. Need Quickswap’s versatility and light weight, but can’t live without storage? The Roadrunner is a bold mix. Quickswap + Tag Axle turns your tow truck into an innovative long-haul solution that will get you through the scales stress-free with a smile on your face. And the CSR65’s Sliding Rotator raises the bar for jaw-dropping power, versatility, 25% more storage space and more.

NRC Technology – challenging what’s possible

NRC equipment looks at challenges head-on. Technology, like its innovative Slider System, doubles lifting capacity, increases reach by up to 126” and easily moves your load back and forth without changing the hook height. A practical Detachable Underlift can be removed from the boom in seconds for unhindered work, and lets you get closer to the tailboard to maximize capacity for close-in recovery. NRC’s High-Tensile V-Boom uses less material, centres the load and – literally – won’t buckle under pressure. And all NRC products are made of reinforced composite Kevlar – they’re long-lasting, low-maintenance and rust-free.

Plus, you know you can buy with confidence knowing NRC is sold and supported by ARW, Western Canada’s #1 truck-mounted sales and service network.