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HIAB 008 T Picker Truck

HIAB 008 T
  • Save Time using a reliable HIAB crane for job site deliveries.
  • Be More Productive and Reduce Costs by delivering more product with fewer trucks.
  • Purchase with Confidence as HIAB has the highest re-sale value in the market.
  • Total Coverage with the strongest truck mounted crane sales & service network in Canada.

The HIAB 008 T picker truck is ideal for light trucks and is the perfect loading aid. It has a maximum outreach of 2.8 metres and a weight of just 105 kg. It can lift up to 840 kg at a minimum radius of 1.1 metres and 320 kg at maximum outreach. A remote control is also available to allow precise loading and unloading of goods. The HIAB 008 T has a hexagonal boom system that increases its strength and stability. The crane's loader base is smooth, so mounting it with four bolts through the truck deck and mounting frame is easy.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 840 kg @1.1 m / 320 kg @ 2.8 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 2.8 m

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