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HIAB X-HiDuo 188 Picker Truck

HIAB X-HiDuo 188
  • Save Time using a reliable HIAB crane for job site deliveries.
  • Be More Productive and Reduce Costs by delivering more product with fewer trucks.
  • Purchase with Confidence as HIAB has the highest re-sale value in the market.
  • Total Coverage with the strongest truck mounted crane sales & service network in Canada.

For top-notch efficiency and high uptime, the HIAB X-HiDuo 188 is a reliable choice. Simple to control, the XSDrive remote control means you can choose between joysticks or piano levers and save your back from unnecessary strain. You’ll also enjoy the safety and convenience of being able to stand anywhere during operation—perfect for confined or awkward work spaces.

Fast load cycles are achieved through great features such as automatic speed control and horizontal damping. Increased extension speed allows you to manage heavy loads quickly and precisely. The new X-HiDuo 188 is also specially designed to maintain lower emissions, lower fuel consumption, and extended oil life to help you get the best performance and lasting power out of your investment every single day.

With a powerful 18 tm capacity, the X-HiDuo 188 is ready for whatever you throw at it. HIAB cranes are always developed with durability and strength in mind—that’s why we designed this crane with a range of features developed to extend your crane’s lifetime and components, such as shielding cables and hoses, smart pipe routing, and more. With all of these durability features, the X-HiDuo 188 is also sleek and attractive in design.

With a wide variety of safety and productivity functions, a simple glance at the external display can make troubleshooting quick and simple. As always, if you do need help, we are here to support you throughout the crane’s lifetime to ensure that you get the best advice and service.

High-quality components with long service life combined with productivity means that you’ll enjoy a very low overall lifetime cost. Supreme performance, safety, and efficiency make the HIAB X-HiDuo 188 the perfect choice for any project.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 5,100 kg @ 3.2 m / 1,360 kg @ 10.6 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 10.8 m

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