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HIAB X-HiPro 658

Extra Power Where You Need It

Hiab X-HiPro 658
  • Compact, ‘light’ heavyweight– 58tm capacity and a 17m outreach
  • Lift heavy bulky loads close to the truck with short boom + perfect weight to capacity ratio
  • Faster installation time + fewer lifetime ownership costs
  • Efficiency, optimal fuel consumption + fuel savings of up to thousands of litres per year
  • Pinpoint precision + stability with no operator correction with the new LSS stability system

The HIAB X-HiPro 658 is a compact ‘light’ heavyweight with a short boom, and one of the strongest and toughest cranes around. It’s loaded with new features that add value and profitability to your business: smooth, stable lifting, unmatched control, maneuverability, safety and reliability with heavy, bulky loads – right up close where you need it. It’s designed with the operator in mind.

New Features Improve Safety, Flexibility, Stability + Performance. That’s Good News For You, Your Equipment And Your Business

Easy-tilt auxiliary legs can be hydraulically tilted for quick, easy control, and are integrated into the hydraulic and electronic systems for critical support. The new VSL+ safety system automatically senses leg positions and adjusts crane capacity to actual load stability. And the new LSS stability system automatically senses unintentional lever movement and counteracts it – with no operator correction.

Set Up, Load And Unload More Quickly And Easily

A new bolted, integrated sub-frame lets your crane act as a single unit, ensuring a perfect fit and speeding up delivery and installation times. And installation, access and maintenance are simpler thanks to a new base-mounted oil tank. Set up and stowing become infinitely faster too with a new 9-metre chain-driven stabilizer span that nearly doubles extension time Plus all the value, service and support you’ve come to expect from ARW.

  • 9-metre chain-driven stabilizer span almost doubles extension speed + saves time on set-up and stowing 
  • Auxiliary easy-tilt stabilizer legs support heavier loads + make set up easier
  • New features that let you load and unload more quickly and easily with greater safety, flexibility + precision

Innovations That Add To The Lifetime Ownership Costs

These new innovations go a long way in building on HIAB’s already unparalleled features, like Automatic Speed Control, Space 5000 intelligence, Pump Flow Distribution, Full Sequence Cylinders and Boom Deployment Assistant. And they bring value – at work every day and in the long run – even to resale.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 10,900 kg @ 5.1 m / 2,820 kg @ 16.9 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 17 m

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