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HIAB XS 335 K Picker Truck

  • A dedicated HIAB wall board crane with an optimized boom system, for greater lift capacity at higher levels
  • Be more productive with over 59' of reach with 4 hydraulic extensions
  • Fasterunloading of goods and higher lifting height close to the column with HIAB’s long inner boom
  • Ultra smooth and consistent control for precisely placing loads through windows and doorways, onto balconies and around obstacles with HIAB's V91 valve

The HIAB XS 335 K picker truck is a dedicated wall board crane that is equipped with an optimized boom system for enhanced performance. With greater lifting capacity at higher altitudes, the HIAB XS 335 K can load and unload heavy cargo quickly and precisely. The flexibility and reach of the crane is due to the additional hydraulic fork that is ideal for handling large bundles of drywall, stacked up to 4-high.

The HIAB XS 335 K truck crane includes the best features from the XS technology with proportional Valve 91 controls to combine high precision with quick load cycling. The crane is also available with an optional displacement pump (variable) to keep heat generation to a minimum, while saving on fuel and enhancing the overall operational performance.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 3,402 kg @ 7.7 m / 1,243 kg @ 17.3 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 18.1 m

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