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HIAB XS 477 Picker Truck

  • One of the most powerful of cranes for its size in the 40-44 tonne metre class balancing weight, power and precision handling.
  • Be more productive with more than 21m of reach and up to 8 hydraulic extensions
  • Enhanced performance with powerful E-link system, retaining maximum lifting capacity working with a straight boom or while handling loads in close
  • Unrivalled stability with its 6.5, 7.0 and 8.0 metre stabilizer span options
  • Maximum precision and durability with robust rack and pinion slewing system, run in an oil bath.

HIAB's XS 477 picker truck is one of the most powerful for its size and offers extended range and lifting capacity in the 40 to 44 tonne metre class. One of the newest additions to the XS crane family, the HIAB XS 477 truck crane provides the perfect balance of power, precision and balance. Significantly enhancing productivity, the XS 477 excels in a great range of hauling and handling tasks. With up to eight hydraulic extensions, the total outreach of the HIAB XS 477 is an impressive 21 metres.

With a number of options for stabilizer spans at 6.5 metres, 7.0 metres and 8.0 metres, the HIAB XS 477 is among the most stable cranes in the HIAB XS series. Offering easy handling for operators, the crane gives optimum lifting capacity for its weight and size with the help of installed weights. Built for tough environments, the HIAB XS 477 is one of the toughest cranes in the family and can withstand rough terrain for long hours.

The crane is manufactured with high quality materials, making it durable and long lasting. Its rack and pinion slewing system is fitting with an oil bath to reduce friction and damage, while helping the crane to remain extremely steady, precise and durable. The crane is also fitted with JIC couplings and large side pads for easy servicing and minimized wear.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 11,998 kg @ 3.2 m / 1,379 kg @ 20.8 m (HiPro)
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 20.8 m)