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Moffett M8 80.4 NX


Moffett M8 80.4 NX
  • Deliver the heaviest, trickiest loads with powerful 8,000 lb capacity + 4-way control
  • Lower fuel costs + emissions with the clog-free, DPF-free Kohler 56hp Turbo engine
  • Save time and money. Mount on + off without getting on your Moffett with new Ground Start®
  • Better safety, comfort + productivity with the new NX package features
  • Mount + dismount effortlessly without ever climbing on the trailer or forklift with the optional Ground Mount® system

Unlimited productivity

Owning a Moffett M8 80.4 NX puts you in the driver’s seat of the biggest, toughest, highest capacity 4-Way forklift you’ll ever find mounted on a truck. The potential for productivity almost unlimited – It’s ready when you are to take on the biggest, toughest jobs. Safe + stable, it easily lifts 8,000 lbs. at a 24-inch load centre up to a height of 12 feet. Turn all wheels 90 degrees – instantly – to navigate sideways through narrow openings and through tight spaces, even with a very long load. Easily manoeuvre over curbs and the roughest terrain. Leave the truck in place and deliver your load right to where you need it, any time it suits you.

The best features available anywhere – made even better with NX

The M8 80.4 NX is a versatile, durable, reliable, high-performance powerhouse. It boasts a refined design that’s lighter and stronger than ever, improves visibility is more fuel-efficient and makes accessing and servicing components (including the new multi-function hydraulic valve system) faster, easier and even more economical. And it has long-lasting LED work lights, streetlights and truck lights to make night time loading and unloading safer and easier.

Best of all, the new M8 80.4 NX is even faster and easier to mount, dismount and start than before. In fact, the only reason to get on the machine is to get going. It comes standard with a unique ignition/push button Ground Start® system that lets you get going anywhere more quickly without ever climbing on the forklift. When you put that together with the standard remote start, cold weather deliveries feel a whole lot easier. You save time on every delivery, and when you add up the thousands of deliveries you make, that adds up to major savings.

There’s only one way to make your M8 80.4 NX even more productive. The new, patented Ground Mount® remote control system is the ultimate time saving feature. This option lets you literally mount on and off the truck without ever once getting on your Moffett.

The M8 80.4 NX gives you complete control of your business

Like all Moffetts, the M8 80.4 NX makes pick-ups and deliveries a one-person job. One operator can mount and dismount a Moffett in less than a minute. There’s less wear and tear on your truck. There’s no waiting for help or other equipment. And no limit to night or day deliveries. It has front-wheel parking brakes, hydraulic telescopic stabilizers for greater stability, capacity + ground clearance, a dash-operated hydraulic differential lock system, and an all-wheel hydrostatic drive system full-time anti-stall. And like all Moffett forklifts, the M8 80.4 NX is a high-performance workhorse – versatile, durable and reliable. And its DPF-free, Tier 4 high performance Kohler Turbo diesel engine, has no filter to clog and lower emissions. It’s quiet, fuel-efficient and the kind of high performance you’d expect from a Moffett.

Save time, money and stress – now and in the future

You can’t beat a Moffett M8 80.4 NX – or any Moffett – for safety, productivity or performance. With our easy in-house financing, it’s easy to own. And easy to sell: Moffetts have the best resale value in the market, plus the support of our unparalleled national sales and service network.

With the Moffett M8 80.4 NX there are no limits. You save time, money and stress – and you’re in complete control of your own business deliveries. It’s a win:win investment.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 8,000 lbs. @ 24" load centres
Lift Height: (std.) 3040 mm / 120 in.
Engine Power: 56 HP Turbo (Tier 4 Final)

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